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Bonfire at Wayo Manyara Green Camp, Tanzania

Five Nationalities. One Dream.

It all started in the bush at the heart of Tanzania. 

We met around the campfire at one of Wayo Africa's small bush camps at the banks of the Endabash River in Lake Manyara National Park.

Besides getting along very well, we soon realized that we share the same dream. Of changing the landscape of a conservative industry.

Despite coming from all corners of the world and having very different journeys in the travel business, we all have a common vision for the future.

The people behind Journey's Intent

Journey's Intent is truly a modern global business. We are based in Copenhagen, Arusha, Andalucia and the UK. Connected by values and passion.

Lars Mathiasen

World traveler, with a unique global network. Passionate about the people you meet when travelling.

Catherine Millington

Outdoor enthusiast, sailor, and co-owner of safari operator Wayo Africa.


Jakob Ro Joergensen

Sustainability nerd, Asia fanatic, and forward-thinking travel expert.

Georgina Borrome

From The Dominican Republic and avid traveler. Expert in creating lasting personal connections.

Jean Du Plessis

Has pioneered low-impact safari and walking safaris in Northern Tanzania for 25 years.

Berit Algren Bonde

Sustainability nerd and global adventurer. Lived, worked, and traveled extensively in Asia.

Karin Rasmussen Journey's intent

Karin Rasmussen

Latin America expert. Lived 5 years in Ecuador, speak Spanish fluently, and know the continent better than most.