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Catherine Millington

Transforming values into experiences

People, wildlife, teaching, adventure, and communication have always been key elements in my life.

I spent most of my life in the Lakelands in the UK, and have from an early age grown a  love and affiliation of the wild that has shaped me into the person I am today. The closeness to nature is a vital part of my life. It was obviously a true game-changer to be introduced to Tanzania. 

My education and degrees from the University of West of England and Bath Spa university focused on how people interpret information, and the dynamics of the brain, which prepared me for a life as a teacher. I spent several years as a teacher in very complex areas of South West England and realized what a strong tool skillful teaching is. 

New challenges were needed and I became co-owner and director of Campbell Bell Communications. The company managed communications and marketing for a portfolio of properties in Kenya and Tanzania. In charge of the web, PR, and communications the east African continent fast became the epicenter of my interests. 

When I was introduced to Wayo Africa, followed by a safari adventure in Tanzania, my world changed. It brought back memories from the wild English Lakes and Wayo's commitment to education, locals, and the opportunity to make a positive impact immediately resonated with me.  

Fast forward to today, a number of tours to Tanzania, close cooperation with Jean and the Wayo team developing new programs, improving the Wayo way, and bringing the company through the troubled times of Covid-19 made me a co-owner and director at Wayo, Africa.

Wayo Africa has a wonderful reputation within Tanzania with the local population, and I am now keen to bring forward my passion for providing opportunities to others through leadership and education coupled with my love for preserving the wild and adventure.

Catherine Millington

My involvement as a co-owner of Journey's Intent is exactly the same as it in Wayo Africa; working with like-minded, passionate people where together we can take the above values and transforming them into experiences on all continents - for the benefit of all.