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The Serengeti, also known as Seringit in Ki-Ma, the language of the Maasai tribe, means endless plains and was established in 1951. Today, the park spans close to 15,000 square kilometers and is home to over 2.2 million wildebeest and nearly 600,000 zebras. These animals make up

Co-owner of Journeys Intent, Jean du Plessis, has spent more time in Serengeti than most other people in this world. Jean has covered all corners of this enormous eco-system for more than 20 years - not only by vehicle in the areas available for game drives but very often on foot

From Ngorongoro to Lake Manyara

The smaller national parks of northern Tanzania

While most travelers know Serengeti and the great migration, few have heard about Tarangire or Arusha National Park. But the smaller parks of northern Tanzania often provide a more unique and intimate experience than their bigger sibling. Not least, because most travelers just

Jean Du Plessis, founder of Wayo Africa

A safari pioneers dream for the future of tourism in Tanzania

Jean Du Plessis is co-founder of Journey’s Intent and Wayo Africa. Few people know Northern Tanzania and especially the Serengeti better.

Let's begin with the end. Staying at tented green camps in Tanzania is a unique experience on so many levels, due to the tranquility that allows you to enjoy nature, wildlife, and the local communities. It's a responsible safari, and it's hard to understand why it hasn't

A gorilla trek offers people the opportunity to unplug from their busy daily lives, and to reconnect with nature through interacting with one of the worlds most majestic and incredible creatures, gorillas.