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Maringi Sumba - by Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Sumba

A small eco-resort with a huge heart

Maringi was brought into existence with a clear purpose in mind. At a broad level, it was intended to instill hope for Sumba and to educate young individuals for a brighter future. However, on a more pragmatic level, it was established to provide a conducive environment for

As you step inside, you are enveloped in a sense of calm. Your shoulders relax, and you take a deep breath, drawing it down to your core. Alamayah may only boast six rooms, but it exudes excellent character. It is a true indulgence - crafted with an eye for design, a mindful

We have found the most beautiful, small boutique hotel in the village of Melayang, just a 10-minute drive from Ubud. The name is Villa Kalisat and is beautiful cooperation between Danish-Australian Benedicte and a local family. It is charming, personal and full of heart and soul.

200 meters of private beach, a house reef with turtles and baby sharks, nice and welcoming hosts, and cozy, tasty meals around the long table sharing stories with the other guests. These are some of the ingredients in this little tropical Indonesian paradise.

Sanak Retreat is one of our absolute favorite hotels in Bali. It is a truly unique Bali experience, that reminds you of Bali of the past, and makes you believe in sustainability and authenticity in tourism.

Nikoi is a private island, an atoll just north of the Equatorial Line, a hideaway island the size of 15 football fields and with a mission where sustainability is at the core of the DNA.

No on could predict that one of the world's most philanthropic hotels was twice in a row named the world's best hotel by the renowned travel magazine Travel & Leisure.  We are far away from the classic tourist route, more specifically on the relatively unknown island of Sumba in