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Aerial of Villa Kalisat, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Villa Kalisat, Ubud

Unique boutique hotel with a big heart in Ubud

We have found the most beautiful, small boutique hotel in the village of Melayang, just a 10-minute drive from Ubud. The name is Villa Kalisat and is beautiful cooperation between Danish-Australian Benedicte and a local family. It is charming, personal, and full of heart and soul.

Ubud is a world of contrasts; on one hand heavily crowded and busy, and on the other hand still charming, green, and inspiring. But when we talk Bali and Ubud, to avoid disappointment, you must choose both hotel and activities very carefully. At Journey's Intent we love Villa Kalisat. And we know you will, too.

Be part of a balinese everyday life

When you arrive at Villa Kalisat, you have to walk through the family compound to get to the hotel. And that's one of the things that makes the place so amazing. It feels natural and genuine. You are greeted with big smiles and sincere interest.

Actually several of the family members work at the hotel, which of course affects the service - it is more homey and warm than correct and flawless.

A magic view you will never forget

Once you have reached Villa Kalisat, you will be blown away by the view down through the valley. Kalisat hangs on the edge of the Petanu gorge.

Villa Kalisat, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Villa Kalisat, Ubud

The gorge is steep and below you see the river that cuts through the lush green jungle. When the local herd of monkeys is visiting, you can hear them chirping in the treetops.

Kalisat only has 7 rooms and suites, 2 pools combined with several terraces where you can enjoy the stunning view and the tranquility. 

Social responsibility is an integral part of Villa Kalisat. For Benedicte, the success of the family, the village, and the staff are as important as her own. Or let's rephrase it. She understands and appreciates that everyone is better off that way - both guests and hosts.