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Alamayah, Sumba, Indonesien

Alamayah, Sumba

A small design hotel and nature retreat closely integrated with the local community

Alamayah may have only six rooms, but it exudes a wealth of personality. You can almost sense it as you step inside. Your shoulders relax, and you automatically take a deep breath. It is truly a treat - designed to delight the eye, the mind, and with significant consideration for Sumba.

Alamayah - a beautiful name chosen with care. 'Alam' means nature, and 'Ayah' refers to "a wise elder."

So, as we find ourselves amidst the wild nature of Sumba and at a place built and operated in collaboration with the local tribal communities, the name seems just right.

It is difficult to separate the hotel from Sumba - and Sumba from the hotel. Fortunately, they are intertwined.

An encounter with Sumba's local population

It has become somewhat cliché on Sumba that one falls in love with the island upon arrival. However, that was precisely what happened to Dan and Jess when they landed in Sumba in 2017. They fell for the island, but just as significantly (or inseparably), they fell for the local population.

That is why their wish from the start was to create and operate a responsible retreat that could provide an exceptional experience for travelers while working in collaboration with Sumba's local population and to give back more than they take.

Life in a local village

Alamayah is situated by the water's edge in the southwestern part of Sumba in the small village of Kerewe, by the beach and the ocean. It is still quite unique in Sumba - most hotels are fairly isolated.

Thus, you will live relatively closely integrated with the local community and encounter the locals as you stroll around. Several of them work at Alamayah or live nearby.

As a result, the service is not written in an extensive manual. It is intuitive and heartfelt, and you feel the personalized service.

Alamayah, Sumba, Indonesia

Designed for both the eye and the mind

You are surrounded by nature almost everywhere on Sumba. You can enjoy views of coconut palms and the wild jungle meeting the sea.

Although the design is sleek and almost Nordic in its simplicity, it is authentic Sumbanese craftsmanship in natural materials. It should not detract from nature; it should complement it.

But just as importantly, Alamayah is designed to make you breathe freely. "Switch off, disconnect - and reconnect with nature."

If it all gets a bit too philosophical, you can also enjoy the excellent spa - who does not appreciate a self-treat?


The design for the mind (and health) also extends to the kitchen; they call it "conscious cuisine."

All fruits, vegetables, and herbs come from their own permaculture farm or local farmers in the neighborhood. It is fresh, and the menu changes depending on the season.

Alamayah, Sumba, Indonesia

For families too

Alamayah is small in a good way and wellness is a priority, but children and families are still very welcome.

All six suites are uniquely decorated - some with ocean views (even from the bathtub), some with room for two children or a connecting room, and some with huge terraces. We will find the right one for you.

You have free access to surfboards, paddleboards, mountain bikes, and much more. Read more about Sumba and what to do there in our mini-guide.

Sustainability starts with people

...That is Dan and Jess' philosophy - and one might think it was pre-arranged because we could not have said it any better ourselves.

Jess is an architect, and Dan is a construction project manager. Together they have spent hundreds of hours educating the local community on building based on ancient traditions, techniques, and innovative technology. It is stunningly beautiful! 

Today, several members of the original building team are part of Alamayah's daily operations.

And that is precisely what Jess and Dan are passionate about - educating with care, creating sustainable jobs, and ensuring a circular social economy where the money from tourism stays on Sumba and benefits the local community.