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Chada Katavi, Tazania

Chada Katavi Camp, Katavi National Park

Africa's best safari from a small, luxurious bush camp in Tanzania's Wild West

If you want the real thing and are willing to both pay and travel for it, Chada Katavi is the ultimate safari experience you can possibly imagine. Award-winning Nomad Safaris have been the frontrunners in this wild and pristine part of Tanzania.

Chada Katavi is a small, wonderful camp with just 6 tents. It is located in the middle of Katavi National Park which sees much fewer visitors in a year than the Serengeti does in one day. It is one of the few options left in Africa to experience untamed safaris without a single person in sight.

Why we love Chada Katavi:

  • A wonderful bush camp off the beaten track.
  • Perhaps Africa's most unique and mind-blowing safari with no one around you.
  • Hippos and crocodiles galore, lions and buffaloes in battle, herds of elephants.
  • Possibility for a walking safaris and staying below the starry night in a mobile camp.
  • Combine with Greystone Mahale and you will possibly have the most unique and memorable week in Africa.

Katavi - wild, untouched and remote

If you go for Katavi, you certainly do not compromise on the safari experience, just because you want it all to yourself. Quite the contrary, actually. Katavi is Tanzania's 3rd largest national park, and it offers some of the best experiences with big, hunting predators.

Think battles between lions and Africa's largest concentration of buffalos. Leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs lurking for easy prey by the nearly dried-up ponds and rivers.

There are lots of giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. And then there are hundreds of crocodiles and hippos fighting for space in the water when, during the dry season, the scorching sun has dried up most of the park's lakes and rivers.

Chada Katavi, Tazania

Chada Katavi, Tazania

Authentic bush camp in the middle of nowhere

It is not uncommon to see elephants and lions wandering through the camp. Therefore, you also have to be at least 12 years old to live here. Not because it is unsafe - the top-trained guides, of course, make sure that safety is top-notch - but it's wild in Katavi.

The intimate camp is nestled under the pleasant shade of large Tamarind trees. The classic safari tents are elevated on wooden platforms. At the center of the camp, the mess tent is where you meet for meals, drinks, and talking to your fellow explorers.

At Chada Katavi, luxury does not come in the form of either abundance or extravagance, but in the form of sublime guides and hosts, heavenly meals, well-appointed tents, and the cozy atmosphere that only materializes when in you are in a good company far off-grid.

Chada Katavi, Tazania

Chada Katavi, Tazania

Experience Katavi on foot and sleep in the middle of the wilderness

The ultimate safari experience is to venture onto the Savannah by foot - to see and feel nature and wildlife. And it's easier here than most other places.

Typically, you leave the camp in the afternoon and head out into the wilderness with an armed guide. No disturbing sounds, other than yourself and the raw, beautiful nature. The goal is a small lightweight camp that awaits you after walking for a couple of hours. The campfire is lit and ice-cold drinks are waiting for you.

Dinner is made over the fire, the evening is spent under the starry sky, and the night is spent in a small tent while you fall asleep to the sound of hunting animals.

Combine with Mahale's chimpanzees

Katavi is typically reached by one of the two weekly flights from Arusha. The trip takes approx. 4 hours including a stop halfway to refuel. From Katavi, the small plane continues to Mahale before returning to Arusha.

The trip on to Mahale is less than 30 minutes, and it is an obvious combination, now that you have traveled so far anyway. Because Mahale offers something completely different and just as unique as Katavi. The opportunity to get up close and personal with chimpanzees in the dense and hilly jungle that stretches all the way down to the crystal clear waters of Lake Tanganyika. And then of course the Greystoke Mahale - one of Africa's most unique camps.

Are you ready to explore the wild side of Tanzania? Go on the ultimate safari adventure in Tazania's Wild West.