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yoga at Sanak Retreat, Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

World-class nature, culture, and snorkeling in Bali and Komodo

Experience Bali's lush rice fields, deep gorges, and spiritual magic from two delicious, small village hotels before heading further east to explore dragons, beaches, and world-class snorkeling in Komodo National Park. Starting with three days exploring from your own boat with a crew and then from a nice, small bungalow resort.

Something special to look forward to:

  • Stay at a wonderful eco-lodge in the middle of a rice field in the highlands of Bali
  • Spectacular and authentic Villa Kalisat, just outside Ubud
  • 3-day private mini-cruise with world-class snorkeling and Komodo dragons
  • Relaxation, community, and snorkeling directly from the beach on a small island

Rice fields, authentic village life, and a unique, small hotel in the highlands of Bali

The journey begins in the village of Kayupuitis in the highlands of Bali - it is one of the island's most beautifully situated and charming hotels.

Sanak Retreat is the place where you get down in gear, hang on the edge of the pool and scout out the rice fields, go for walks through villages, and bathe in waterfalls. And all in all, just soak up some of the ambiance and atmosphere that prevails in this small serene corner of Bali.

Stay at the small hotel with a magical view just outside Ubud

The next stop is Ubud and the beautiful Villa Kalisat. The city is among Bali's most famous and visited, but the small hotel is an experience that few have missed. The location in a village just outside Ubud is liberating in itself.

The entrance from the street and thus also everyday life, Villa Kalisat shares in more than one way with a local family for several generations. The family is co-owners of the hotel, and for several of them, it is also their workplace. And then there is the view and the atmosphere - both hard to describe in words.

Private mini-cruise to Komodo dragons, manta rays, and beautiful beaches

After a week surrounded by rice fields, temples, deep valleys, rushing rivers, and lots of Balinese spirituality, we change the scene. A short flight brings you to Labuan Bajo on Floes just east of Bali. The coming week is all about sand, sea, marine life and the giant komodo dragons.

beach and water at The Seraya, Komodo Island, Indonesia

The Seraya, Komodo Island

First with a 3-day boat trip around Komodo National Park on a private schooner with a crew. In addition to meeting the big ones, you can look forward to snorkeling at some of Asia's most beautiful coral reefs, landing on deserted islands and beautiful beaches and dropping anchor, and swimming whenever you want. Turtles and devil rays are among the marine life you often have the opportunity to encounter. 

Beach holiday at a small eco-resort with superb house reef

After the cruise, you end up on a small paradise island on the periphery of the national park. The Seraya has a 200-meter private beach and a spectacular house reef, which is regularly frequented by turtles and reef sharks, right in front of the door.

The atmosphere is unpretentious, the meals are occasionally eaten around the long table, and the staff is more about being happy and welcoming than following a manual. Just the way we love it.

Best season

The dry season in this part of Indonesia goes from April to November. For the Komodo part it’s worth noting that it’s usually least windy by the end of the dry season. The islands will be most busy during holiday season in July and August.

Bali, Indonesia

Itinerary (this is a suggestion - we tailor according to your dreams)

Day 1: Arrive in Bali and transfer to Sanak Retreat

You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the highlands of Bali, where the beautiful Sanak Retreat awaits. For the next 3 days, days are centered around villages, rice fields, waterfalls, good food and coffee and relaxation in a pool with a great view.

Day 2-3: Sanak Retreat

Trek through villages, and rice fields and swim in the local waterfall. Enjoy the atmosphere, the view, and the sincere smile of the staff. Learn to dance or fly with kites with children from the village.

Day 4: On to Ubud and Villa Kalisat

From the highlands of northern Bali, you now drive south to Ubud. Here you will stay for the next 4 days at the beautiful Villa Kalisat.

Day 5-7: Ubud

Cycling, rafting, light trekking, and lots of temples and cultural features are some of the activities in and around Ubud. You choose.

Day 8: Flight to Labuan Bajo

Early up to reach the morning flight to Labuan Bajo. In less than an hour, Bali will be replaced by Flores. Rice fields, deep ravines, and monkeys are replaced with Komodo dragons and devil rays

Upon arrival in Labuan Bajo, you will be picked up at the airport and driven the short way to the port, where the ship and crew are waiting for you. The next 3 days are spent on world-class snorkeling, Komodo dragons, beautiful beaches, and lots of fun on board.

Day 8 - 10: Private mini-cruise to manta rays and Komodo dragons

Excursions and meals are included. Drop anchor and jump into the water whenever you want. The national park is not only known for being home to the world's largest dragons. Beneath the surface of the ocean, it also hides some of the East's most intact coral reefs

Day 10 - 14: Beach holiday, bungalows, and bare feet at The Seraya

After the cruise around the national park, you land on the small island of Seraya Kecil. The next 4 days are spent relaxing with good food and good company at the small eco-resort The Seraya. Fresh food, 200 meters of pristine beach, and snorkeling from a house reef, which often offers reef sharks and turtles, is the simple agenda.

Day 15: Flight to Bali

From The Seraya you will be sailed back to Labuan Bajo on Flores. From here you fly the short trip back to Bali, where you have one last night before returning home. Overnight at Jimbaran Beach at the cozy boutique hotel: The Open House.

Day 16: Return home

You usually have most of the day in Bali before you start the journey home (it depends on the airline).

Indicative prices:

July & August

  • Adults: USD 3,300 - 3,600
  • Children (2-11 years): USD 1,400 - 1,600 *

The rest of the year

  • Adults: USD 3,000 - 3,300
  • Children (2-11 years): USD 1,300 - 1,500 *

*Children over 11 years cost a little more, but not much

Note! Prices are per. person in shared double room/family room. The exact price depends on the price of the airline tickets when you book. Of course, we always do it as cheaply as possible. There may be surcharges over holiday periods and holidays (typically Christmas / New Year, Chinese New Year, and Easter). 

The price includes

  • Private transfer from Bali Airport to Sanak Retreat 
  • 3 nt at Sanak Retreat in 2-bedroom villa, incl. breakfast
  • Private transfer from Sanak Retreat to Villa Kalisat in Ubud
  • 4 nt in Ubud at Villa Kalisat in a family room, incl. breakfast
  • Private transfer from Villa Kalisat to Bali Airport
  • Domestic flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo round trip
  • Transfer from Labuan Bajo Airport to the pier
  • 3 day private mini cruise in Komodo National Park with all meals and excursions included
  • 4 nts at The Seraya in a Beach Bungalow, incl. breakfast
  • Private transfer by boat and car from The Seraya to Labuan Bajo Airport
  • Private round trip transfer from Bali Airport to the Open House
  • 1 nt at Jimbaran Beach at The Open House, incl. breakfast

Please note

  • Cruise to Komodo is based on a standard boat with 2-3 cabins. The boats come in different sizes and standards. From the very simple with accommodation in hammocks in the open air to large, charming schooners. We will find the ship that suits you best.