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The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

The Siam, Bangkok

A lavish encounter with whitewashed elegance, lush green gardens, calibrated zen, and Bangkok's most luxurious rooms

The Siam is not just a hotel but rather a destination in its own right. The intention is for guests to disappear into The Siam's world and have a life-changing experience.

This is why everything at the hotel is created as a design symbiosis between the historical, old Bangkok and the minimalism of the present. It is like a botanical garden surrounded by a high-ceilinged building from the 1930s, an "Urban Resort."

The hotel is a contradiction, as it is both an exclusive city hotel and a cool resort simultaneously. And in just a few years, The Siam has become Bangkok's most beautiful place to check-in. Beautiful because peace surrounds the hotel and the entire neighborhood.

It is a luxury in Bangkok. Beautiful because a lot of space has been devoted to decorating the hotel to appear inviting and intimate. Beautiful because the location by the river is the most beautiful thing Bangkok can offer, as the city's forest of cement and steel skyscrapers blocks the view of most of the city's hotels.

At The Siam, you have a view of the river, life moving in a swaying rhythm, and air that does not feel heavy and leaden.

The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

The Siam is a highly ambitious hotel that, among other things, offers the city's only pool villas, butler service, and a bespoke stay designed to meet all your expectations. It is usually a challenging task that inflates the price tag and exacerbates the snob effect. However, the price is undoubtedly high and somewhat falls under a "once-in-a-lifetime experience," but the snob effect is not overwhelming.

The Siam is cool. You can be yourself, but it is appropriate to dress up a bit for dinner, which takes place in the ambitious kitchen near the river.

The Siam is a hotel that is conscious of its responsibility. The local area, the environment, and the future are separate focus areas here. So do not be surprised if there is a garbage collection among the staff while you visit.

Unlike many large chain hotels, The Siam's commitment to the environment is an integrated awareness. It may be because this luxurious accommodation is family-owned and operated.

The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

The Siam preserves history by incorporating countless, even hundreds of, antiques into the hotel's decor. In some ways, The Siam is like visiting an aesthetically beautiful museum. It is sophisticated but not stiff. There is enough liveliness here that you will feel like you are in the midst of history rather than stuck in the past.

The hotel takes its modern responsibility seriously. Here, you can be healthy even if you indulge a little. You can immerse yourself in wellness treatments and do yoga with a view of a Buddhist temple. You can practice Thai boxing, and you can get a diet that fits your fitness needs.

The Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

There are many great things to say about The Siam because the hotel has gone to great lengths to be unique. But in addition to the obvious, such as the exquisite service and top-notch quality of food, drink, and activities provided by the hotel itself, one of the most exclusive aspects in our opinion is the location.

It is outside the traditional tourist routes and in an area of Bangkok that somehow looks like itself "30 years later". The hotel is located next to a temple and a fire station. You are spared the towering steel frames that make up grotesquely tall buildings elsewhere in the city. And then there is the river, which transports you back in time...


In terms of public transportation, there is not much near The Siam. The only exception might be the commuter boats on the river, which are a lovely way to travel toward the city center. On the other hand, The Siam is a place that functions very well with limousines - and also offers its own speedboat down the river.