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Rachamankha, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rachamankha, Chiang Mai

An oasis of serenity in the Lanna capital - adults-only

In the heart of Chiang Mai old city, you find a little gem of a hotel. Outside, it doesn’t reveal much, but once inside, you see the beautiful, traditional architecture and ever-present serenity. A rare find in Chiang Mai.

Rachamankha is not meant to be a hotel but your home for a few days. It should be a place where you feel welcome and find calm in the middle of a busy city.

A modern, living museum

It is not possible to put Rachamankha in a box. It is based on traditional Lanna architecture on one side and modern zen-like simplicity on the other. It is a heritage hotel, yet it embraces both the ancient and the underground up-and-coming. It is full of history, yet there’s nothing old about it.

When we mention heritage and history, it should be seen in the desire to showcase the living Lanna style - the traditional, distinct, and graceful style of Northern Thailand - to reveal Chiang Mai’s ancestral architecture. 

Not least, Rachamankha houses the owner’s personal collection and cherished objects - family heirlooms, original art, rare scriptures, religious artifacts, and contemporary works from famous and up-and-coming artists.

And then there’s the library with more than 2000 books - novels, Thai history of art, design, architecture, and design - free to read. Even a tray with cognac is available, so you can enjoy a glass while reading.

An oasis of serenity

Being in the heart of Chiang Mai’s bustling old town, one would expect it to be noisy and crowded. But inside Rachamankha, it is calm and serene. 

Rachamankha, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rachamankha, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Of course, there is the swimming pool - a perfect place to unwind after a day of explorations. But there is also the neat courtyard, a lovely restaurant, the library, and small hideaways around the property.

The rooms are spacious, and you will have antiques that add to the homey feeling.

A taste of Northern Thailand

There’s a lovely in-house restaurant prioritizing the Northern Thai kitchen, the Shan, and the Burmese cuisine - a lovely (and tasteful) touch if you ask us. 

If the weather allows, you can dine in the beautiful courtyard. Chilly winter evenings might have a fireplace and low-key traditional music performances.

Adults-only hotel in Chiang Mai

Due to the many artifacts and art pieces, the hotel is unsuitable for children under 12 years. Older children will love it, and the 2-bedroom suites are good options when traveling with teens.