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Mekong Villas, Chiang Khan, Thailand

Mekong Villas, Chiang Khan, Thailand

Mekong Villas, Chiang Kaan

A beautiful sanctuary by the Mekong River

Mekong Villas is the most unimaginable refuge in this part of Thailand. Nestled amidst tiny villages, the lazy flow of the river on the border between Thailand and Laos, and midway between Pak Chom and Chiang Khan, is a collection of teakwood houses offering high comfort. Here, a postcard-perfect idyll exists without any artificial embellishments. The incredibly lush nature surrounding the swimming pool and common areas contributes to the ecstatic experience of the few visitors fortunate enough to visit this place.

Arrange your meals

Mekong Villas is no ordinary hotel. It is a collection of classic stilted wooden cottages strategically placed amidst ferns, mango trees, bamboo, and teak, forming a unique residential complex. There is no traditional restaurant on site. Instead, you can arrange your meals with the in-house cook, who will then go to the market to shop for ingredients. There is no fitness club, but you can run along the road to the nearest village, experiencing the most authentic local jogging route in recent memory.

Local authenticity

The staff at Mekong Villas are all from the local area, and it shows. Their English proficiency is limited, and their training in the hospitality industry is more of a "learning by doing" approach rather than formal schooling. However, they are eager to make a difference during your stay, which is truly charming. The old teak houses have been passed down through generations, and the garden has been allowed to flourish over time. The furniture is locally made, and only the inflatable kayaks seem to be imported. Change happens here in slow motion, and it feels delightful.

Mekong Villas is quite a journey to reach. Pack your bags with good books, patience and in search of tranquility. In that case, the rewards can be the most pleasantly relaxing experience that Thailand has to offer

Unique location

Northeastern Thailand is an underdeveloped region on the tourist radar. It is an area with authentic village environments where hotels do not aim to overwhelm the senses. However, that is different at Mekong Villas. The beautiful villas are crafted by Thai artisan traditions that are fading away. The garden is an oasis of tropical vegetation. The proximity to the Mekong River and neighboring Laos is unique. As a result, Mekong Villas is not a budget hotel in Northeastern Thailand. Its location is far removed from the modern world, yet not completely detached from the present, offering a glimpse into a Thailand of yesteryears.

Mekong Villas, Chiang Khan, Thailand

Mekong Villas, Chiang Khan, Thailand

Thailand as it used to be

There are few hotels with such lovely rooms in such rural surroundings in many places in Thailand. That's because there are no classic attractions nearby. Instead, you'll find villages with markets and local temples shimmering amidst rice fields and the lazy Mekong River. It's a place that blends seamlessly with the historical backdrop that the region offers, transporting guests directly back to the Thailand of old. Here, in and around Chiang Khan, the old Thailand is still alive and well.