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CoCo Cottages, Koh Ngai, Thailand

CoCo Cottages, Koh Ngai

Bungalows crafted from pure natural materials with a view of the enchanting sea of Southern Thailand

At CoCo Cottages, it is a delight for the eyes wherever you look. Whether you find yourself in the grove of slender, tall coconut palms or on the edge of the water, where the landscape is like an impressionist painting, in the large open-air restaurant, where everything is made of wood, or visiting the beach bar, everything is beautiful - and the environment has been considered in the design process.

Koh Ngai is divinely beautiful by nature. Therefore, creating a hotel with 33 bungalows that blend in with nature requires an effort. They have managed to successfully do so at CoCo Cottages, where even the lampshades are made of natural materials. At the same time, the hotel is arranged so that the rooms feel private while the common areas are more open and inviting for socialization.

CoCo Cottages has a lovely house library and a football table, both of which are frequently used. The open restaurant with several large tables is also inviting for socializing rather than just being romantic. Additionally, it boasts the best restaurant on the island. The Thai dishes served here are well above average for Koh Ngai and the entire southern Thai archipelago. It is a refreshing change for those checking in for a week-long beach vacation in this magical land.

CoCo Cottages has the island's best restaurant. The Thai dishes here are far above average not just for Koh Ngai, but for the entire lower part of the southern Thai archipelago

Beach, water and snorkeling

The beach here is narrow and sometimes hidden by the tide. So the hotel grounds are slightly elevated from the beautiful turquoise sea, but the view is absolutely stunning. The islands to the east are scattered almost randomly around the archipelago, and you can gaze out for hours toward all the green-clad adventure islands. Absolutely stunning.

When the urge to swim in the inviting water takes over, there is a lovely pontoon 100 meters out to sea, which is an excellent little adventure.

Koh Ngai is also one of the few islands in Thailand, surrounded by a coral reef. It is not a wild and colorful aquarium but pretty lovely with hard corals and fish. From the beach, you can swim out 70-100m, stick your head under the water and experience a fine underwater world.

A local touch

CoCo Cottages is owned and operated by people from Trang, the only larger town on the mainland. This gives a local touch, which also means that you quickly feel welcome in a southern Thai way: with big smiles, and embarrassed grins, but without too many ceremonies.

The informal tone characterizes a hotel that is quite formal in its decor and design. It is a fine hotel for families who can stay in large family bungalows. Still, it is unsuitable for families with babies; children must be at least three years old.

CoCo Cottages, Koh Ngai, Thailand

Wind, weather and duration

Koh Ngai should be visited between November and April. The rest of the time, the weather and transportation here are irregular. However, the island is perfect for a more extensive tour around the archipelago. 3-5 days are enough for most people who want to relax in fully tropical surroundings. On the other hand, we also have many families who disconnect entirely for a week - and love it.