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Bann Chakrabongsa, Bangkok

Bann Chakrabongsa, Bangkok

Baan Chakrabongse, Bangkok

Stay at Bangkok's best-known secret

Bangkok's best-known secret

Sometimes stepping into a hotel can feel like stepping into a pocket in time and history. That is what awaits behind the olive-green gates facing the King's Road in Bangkok's oldest neighborhood.

Here, on the banks of Bangkok's main river, with the most extravagant temples as neighbors, a prince once resided. Now, his descendants carefully maintain the residence while welcoming tourists to stay in one of Bangkok's most charming and unforgettable guesthouses.

Sleeping with history

Several of the rooms at Baan Chakrabongse are ancient teak houses crafted with no nails or screws. Elevated to the third floor, they offer breathtaking views of a lush garden adorned with bird of paradise flowers, palm trees, and playful squirrels frolicking in the trees. On the ground floor, you will find additional rooms. Over time, the family behind Baan Chakrabongse has encompassed all the buildings on the property, resulting in various family rooms and romantic double rooms. What unites these rooms is their rich historical ambiance - from the carefully curated furnishings and decorations that transport guests back a century to the grandeur of the original main house that stands proudly at the heart of the estate.

The sense of well-being 

Baan Chakrabongse is different from a typical hotel. There is no 24/7 room service. Dinner is only served upon request. However, when dinner is served, it takes place in a charming wooden building on stilts above the river. There is no spa or other amenities to sweeten your stay. The focus at this place is the sense of well-being at Baan Chakrabongse. It is beautiful and pleasant to be here and surprisingly peaceful. Tall ferns surround the swimming pool, and though not large, it is perfect for a refreshing swim in the early morning or late afternoon when the garden is bathed in the kind of light that resembles a postcard scene.

A well-known secret 

Having been a hotel for nearly 20 years, Baan Chakrabongse is no longer a hidden gem. However, when a place in Bangkok is as impeccably preserved as Chakrabongse House, it often feels like an unapproachable museum. Yet, here, there is vitality, and the local staff quickly establish a friendly rapport with the guests. That is the strength of a hotel that understands its responsibility to its guests and the landscape, as well as the history they step into behind the olive-green gates.


The family behind Chakrabongse House are also publishers of historical works not printed elsewhere. They reach out to the local community to share the history of Bangkok and Thailand. As a result, visitors often find themselves filling their bags with small-bound narratives from the past.


Bangkok can be visited year-round, but with only 13 rooms, the royal guesthouse is often fully booked during local holidays. The reason for this is that the garden is frequently transformed into the backdrop for weddings and other significant events. You may be fortunate enough to be a guest during one of these unique celebrations.