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Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zuri Zanzibar

Barefoot-luxury and beach bungalows on the spice island's finest beach

Zuri Zanzibar is a sustainable and barefoot-luxury bungalow resort situated on Zanzibar's arguably most stunning beach.

Three things make Zuri Zanzibar truly exceptional: The sophisticated yet rustic design creates a uniquely relaxed atmosphere within the hotel. The peaceful and breathtaking location and powdery sand and crystal-clear waters as its front yard. And last but not least, an extraordinary commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We forgot the food. Its just WOW - World Class.

An artist's vision

Behind Zuri stands the Czech artist, filmmaker, and philanthropist Václav Dejčmar. Zuri is his brainchild, and both the social and environmental commitment, the sustainable and natural design, and the utterly laid-back atmosphere are his vision brought to life.

I have a passion for all things zen - the aesthetics of nature, the beauty in simplicity, and the freedom from everyday routines

Václav Dejčmar, owner of Zuri Zanzibar

"I have a passion for all things zen - the aesthetics of nature, the beauty in simplicity, and the freedom from everyday routines," he stated when Zuri Zanzibar opened in 2018, and it truly captures the style and atmosphere.

Exquisite and unpretentious

All 55 thatched-roof bungalows and villas face west, offering views of the ocean, traditional sailboats, and the sun's descent into the horizon at day's end.

The interior design is clever and luxurious, appealing more to bare feet and a "dress down" approach than the opposite. There is a clear emphasis on intelligent recycling, evident in everything from materials to art and decor. Much of it is produced by smaller, local social enterprises prioritizing the environment or people.

Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania

Most of the bungalows accommodate two people. Some of them can be interconnected to accommodate families staying together. Closest to the sea, a handful of suites and larger villas can accommodate larger families or groups of friends.

The largest villa features three bedrooms, a private pool, ample indoor and outdoor shared spaces, direct beach access, and a fabulous view of the turquoise sea.

Lush and peaceful

Another noticeable aspect when exploring Zuri Zanzibar is the sense of space. They have chosen to leave the resort open with fewer bungalows than possible. Actually on the contrary. The area feels like a giant tropical garden with bungalows nestled among the trees.

The heart of the resort is, of course, the pristine white beach. It stands out from most of the island's beaches by being minimally affected by the tides, allowing for day-long swimming. It also differs from the busier Nungwi area at the northern tip of Zanzibar, with a more serene and laid-back atmosphere.


Behind the beautiful facade of Zuri Zanzibar lies a comprehensive commitment to sustainability. It begins with the construction and extends to the furniture made from reclaimed wood sourced from discarded dhow boats. Their social engagement with the local village is another noteworthy aspect, among many others.

Zuri Zanzibar has drawn deep inspiration from Chumbe Island, which serves as a role model in every aspect, offering valuable insights. 

Zuri Zanzibar, Tanzania