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Cala Mia Resort, Isla Boca Brava, Panama

Cala Mia Island Resort, Boca Brava

Charming and family-oriented boutique hotel on a secluded island in Panama's western archipelago

Located on the tip of a lush green-clad island in the Pacific Ocean, Cala Mia embraces charm, hospitality, and exclusivity all at once. Here, you can inhale the scent of the sea, bask in absolute tranquility, and be just minutes away from secluded beaches and the dense forest.

A small beach with child-friendly waters lies just around the corner and it is all yours. Within the marine national park where Cala Mia is located, there are over 100 other beaches, which you only share with a few other people.

Greenery surrounds you in every direction, almost concealing the hotel from the outside world. On horses, you can explore the island in a different way, and you will also find various types of boats to transport you to the archipelago. Despite being far from the usual tourist trails, Cala Mia's location on the tip of Boca Brava Island does not lack great experiences.

Spacious villas

Cala Mia is perceived by many of its guests as a true sanctuary. We agree wholeheartedly. The view is captivating, and the tranquility is constant. Moreover, the traditional bungalows are spacious, ensuring that you never feel like you are staying in a conventional hotel.

The hosts know that you have traveled a long way and that the little green island is meant to pamper your vacation well-being. That is why you will experience Cala Mia as an invitation to relax and perhaps reconnect with each other over exquisite meals or embark on small adventures in the archipelago. You will be taken good care of!

The herb garden at Cala Mia is organic, just like the vegetables grown there. The milk is sourced from an organic farm. The sun provides the energy supply, and Cala Mia ensures to donate 5% of the room price to local communities

With an eco-friendly approach

As you venture out into the sun to explore the surroundings, you immediately notice the natural wrapping of the cottages, featuring thatched roofs, wood, and clay-lined walls. These materials are sourced locally but executed with an international touch.

The herb garden is organic, just like the vegetables it produces. The milk comes from an organic farm. The sun provides the energy supply, and Cala Mia ensures to donate 5% of the room price to local communities. The commitment to sustainable practices in harmony with the surroundings is undoubtedly present on the tip of this small island.

Hang out or venture out

Cala Mia has thought about how to keep you entertained during your stay. There is a small library and a table tennis table available. If you do not feel like going to the beach, there is a comfortable swimming pool to enjoy.

On-site, you will find a spa and fun board games. You can also try sport fishing, explore the waters with kayaks, go scuba diving or hike among howler monkeys and lizards.

The villas offer plenty of space, inviting you to hang out and relax. You can unpack and settle into lounge chairs, sofas, or hammocks in the villas. If you are a family, you can even book two villas with a covered terrace that connects the two cottages.


Cala Mia is located an hour's boat ride from David in western Panama, just across the border from Costa Rica. As a result, Cala Mia is also a great option to combine with a tour of Costa Rica.

The area has been declared a marine national park, ensuring the preservation and protection of the mangroves and extensive coral reefs within the nearly 15,000-hectare park.