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Al Natural Resort, Bocas Del Torre, Panama

Al Natural Resort, Bocas del Toro

180-degree ocean view, 100% tranquility, and eight family-friendly villas

The beautiful house reef is located below the traditional stilted bungalows. The rainforest looms over the backyard like an emerald green cloak. And dinner is a communal meal around the long table overlooking the warm Caribbean Sea.

It is a first-time love affair to arrive at Al Natural Resort. The sea around you is transparent. Coral reefs peek out below. A narrow sandbank awaits on land, where palms and shady trees sway in the background.

Amidst nature's painting, round, octagonal wooden cabins emerge. Dried grass covers the roofs and a hammock sways from the terrace. The view faces the tropical sea, and time is measured in Caribbean fashion. Relax and enjoy the romance.

Not your typical hotel

Al Natural Resort is just as its name suggests - a hotel in nature. But it is also a hotel with consideration for the environment, the local community, and the nature surrounding it. Al Natural Resort is not a traditional 5-star hotel with air conditioning, room service, and a swimming pool.

It is not a hotel where food is served at each table by a white-clad waiter. It is not the place for those seeking access to shopping and nightlife. Al Natural Resort is a small sanctuary for families, couples, and multiple generations who wish to experience a Caribbean moment of carefree joy.

The days flow by

In other words, it is a relaxation vacation you are entering when the boat arrives at the pier, and you can let go of your worries. But at the same time, there is also a diverse range of activities available, catering to all ages, especially water activities such as sea kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, and snorkeling. And finally, there is also the opportunity to venture into the forest, where the birdlife is particularly impressive, and sloths and monkeys are often spotted.

Nature has created a painting of its own beauty, and the people behind the hotel have made an effort to minimize their impact on the lush rainforest. Anything else would be completely absurd

Al Natural Resort, Bocas Del Torre, Panama

Children are welcome

Isla Bastimentos offers a comic book landscape to explore and enjoy. It is a landscape for curious souls and children. At least that is what the owners behind the hotel believe, as they have built seven bungalows specifically with families in mind. There is also a newer multi-level villa on a secluded beach, a ten-minute walk from the hotel, which serves as a perfect family retreat.

Moreover, Al Natural is a place with limited internet connectivity, but instead, they offer board games, table tennis, and, of course, swimming in the crystal-clear sea.

The local foundation

Al Natural Resort relies on the nearby village, and vice versa. The resort's staff members come from the village, and the village welcomes the hotel's guests who wish to explore the palm-fringed island. At the same time, the hotel takes pride in using local ingredients in its cuisine.


Al Natural Resort is located on the east coast of the relatively large island, Isla Bastimentos, in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. It is off the eastern coast of Panama, in the Caribbean Sea. The archipelago consists of a series of islands, each with picturesque beauty.

The main island of Bocas del Toro, where the bustling village of Bocas Town is situated, is approximately a 30-minute boat ride away. Bocas Town can be reached by boat from the mainland or by a short one-hour flight from San Jose or Panama City.