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Galapagos Safari Camp, Santa Cruz, Ecuador

Galapagos Safari Camp, Santa Cruz

Experience luxury tent accommodation in the lush highlands of the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Safari Camp is a luxurious, picturesque, secluded, and family-friendly paradise that offers more than it takes. Here, you fall asleep with a view of the Milky Way and wake up to the sound of birdsong. In our opinion, it is the perfect way to experience Santa Cruz.

The camp is far from the usual tourist route on the otherwise famous Santa Cruz Island. It is nestled high up in the lush highlands, where the wildlife remains genuinely wild. Here, nature takes precedence, and luxury is approached with a genuine appreciation - in a truly fantastic way.

When you step into the vast area surrounded by trees, bushes, and wildlife at Galapagos Safari Camp, a different side of Santa Cruz awaits you. Instead of souvenir shops and crowds of tourists, you will find beautiful nature and absolute tranquility. That is if you overlook the gentle chewing sounds of the giant tortoises outside the window.

With nine luxurious safari tents perched among the treetops and a family suite that accommodates six people, the place is small and intimate. For the owners, Stephanie and Michael, it is not just a camp but a lifestyle and a dream they share with their two children.


Galapagos Safari Camp allows you to slow down, and there is space for the entire family. As parents, Stephanie and Michael understand the importance of family vacations and the time spent together. That is why their own three-bedroom home in the camp is always available for booking as a family suite. Extra beds and cribs can also be placed in the tents.

You will find a beautiful infinity pool, trampolines, and bicycles of all sizes near the main building. You can even visit one of the farms that supply the kitchen and help milk a cow.

Stephanie and Michael prioritize flexibility and personalized service. Alongside their own children, they have personally "test-driven" all the activities in the area.


The food at Galapagos Safari Camp is fresh and delicious, following the farm-to-table principle. However, not in the traditional sense, as local only sometimes means sustainable. Large-scale agriculture can have detrimental effects on the fragile ecosystem of the islands. Therefore, the menus are carefully selected based on the available ingredients, avoiding unnecessary demand for specific products.


As the owners themselves say, they do not own the 50-hectare natural area but rather the area that holds them.

Intelligent design

The indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly merge in their beautiful tent structures, built on stilts among the trees. It is rustic luxury with naturally exclusive design and intelligent solutions.

The tents are strategically positioned to catch the natural breeze, providing a pleasant environment while inviting the fresh scents of the forest inside. Minimal use of disposable plastic is encouraged, and guests are supplied with refillable water bottles.

The hot water in the taps is heated by solar power, and rainwater is collected in a dedicated reservoir and treated for drinking. A charming detail is that this reservoir has become a favorite spot for the magnificent frigatebird, which visits to wash the salt off its feathers. Nature truly thrives here.

Benefiting the local community

It is not only nature that is taken care of, but also the local community. The majority of the staff members are neighbors of Galapagos Safari Camp. They come from the Santa Rosa community, which also supplies fresh produce to the camp.

Close collaborations with local schools are also established. For families traveling with children, arrangements can be made for a friendly soccer match or other fun activities with the local kids.