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Maisons Wat Kor, Banttambang, Cambodia

Maisons Wat Kor, Banttambang, Cambodia

Maisons Wat Kor, Battambang

A hotel that captures the true feeling of the Cambodian spirit

Maisons Wat Kor is everything we love about Cambodia - a small boutique Khmer hotel in a local village founded by Kim Nou, who preserves true authentic values that benefit the locals.

The setting of Maison Wat Kor is magical. You will find 15 distinct wooden guest rooms and houses in real Khmer style, a nice saltwater pool in a garden of frangipanis and lotus trees in the village of Wat Kor, close to Battambang, a three-hour drive and cruise from Siem Reap.

The hotel is managed by the local Nou-family, who has created a hidden gem in a village that feels like a living Khmer museum.  

Cambodia is so much more than Angkor Wat

At Journey's Intent we all agree that Cambodia is a destination designated for a roundtrip of a lifetime, and we encourage you to go beyond Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. The country, its people, its nature, and its history are of such diversity, and Cambodian people are like no others.

At Maisons Wat Kor you can experience that first-hand. Far away from the crowded Siem Reap, you find authentic Khmer ruins and architecture, get a chance to indulge in the local village life, and enjoy Khmer food of the highest level.

The French-colonial times are clearly present in the architecture of the village, and you will find that the local population embraces Maisons Wat Kor and its efforts, as the hotel works closely with the village to create mutual long-term benefits for all stakeholders. 

Cambodia gets under your skin - and stays there

Cambodia is a feeling. Tranquility, sweetness in smiles and eyes, and a purity rare in today's world. However, that is what you get at Maisons Wat Kor. 

Wake up in your comfortable Frangipani suite. Enjoy yoga, massage, and a swim in the saltwater pool at the Maison. Enjoy the local Khmer recipes prepared at the restaurant La Terrasse de Lotus with a view of a lily pond, or join a cooking class. Slow down your pace, and visit ancient temples, modern pagodas, and prehistoric caves. Walk the village or venture into neighboring Battambang.

This is the real Cambodia, the one we have loved for decades and one that can easily be combined with Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Even though it is just three hours away, it feels like a lifetime. 

Maisons Wat Kor, Battambang, Cambodia

Maisons Wat Kor, Battambang, Cambodia

I am passionate about preserving traditional Cambodian architecture. I wish to share my culture and cuisine with my guests in an eco-friendly environment with a botanical garden that is filled with flowers, fruit, vegetables, and plants. All of these are used as ingredients in our Khmer kitchen and farmed by locals from the village

Kim Nou, owner of Maison Wat Kor